Family Therapy

Therapy in Maryland and New York State

Families often come for help when they are in the midst of developmental changes. Some of these transitions may be:

· Working on unresoluved issues between adult family members.

· Loss or illness of a family member

· New parenting

· Children with special needs

· Emergence of an adolescent within the home

· Launching children

· Empty Nest

All families have innate strengths and resources that sometimes get hidden when stress increases. I help families identify and understand patterns within the family that may be maintaining problematic behaviors. Sometimes there are communication or behavioral patterns that have been transmitted across generations that are interfering with coping strategies within a family. Sometimes the structure of the family needs adjustment, so that parents are working together effectively to address the growth of their children. Often extended family plays into family dynamics.

We will identify what the particular dynamics are within your family and come up with alternative ways to work together. Families are the best experts on what is happening. I help facilitate your exploration into your family, helping you draw on your own resources for problem-solving.